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POLITICO COFFEE and Spitting Image Zoom Live

Updated: May 5, 2021

The Politics of Adoption, Colorism & Ancestry DNA

I really enjoy every opportunity to discuss family research and genetic genealogy with friends, family members and new acquaintances. The conversations usually involve sharing stories about old rumors, suspicions, missing names, dead ends and often ethnic heritage. Rarely do I have an opportunity to discuss all of these topics in socio-political contexts. This is why I am so excited to accept an invitation to participate in the Politico Coffee live stream Zoom call with Attorneys Tracey M. Martin and Robyn L. McCoy.

Billed as a Michigan-based weekly podcast that covers politics, power and activism on timely news topics all done over a cup of coffee, I'm thrilled at the opportunity to discuss a wide range of topics including adoption, abandonment, safety, love, race, and related policies.

I hope you'll join us at 5 PM Eastern/4PM Central on Wednesday, 05/12 LIVE on their YouTube Channel .

Share this on all of your social media accounts, please. If you haven't done so already, grab your copy of Spitting Image this weekend and you'll be able to finish it before the big show. Please comment live during the Zoom stream. I would LOVE to read your live comments as we talk about many real, pressing, and fascinating perspectives in a way that I know will be engaging as well as entertaining. Subscribe to the Politico Coffee YouTube channel and ring the "bell" to get notified as soon as we go live. Also, Like the Politico Coffee Facebook page to help the the show the exposure and support it truly deserves.

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