Spitting Image


A boy learns at a young age that he was adopted and spends a half-century searching for any living genetic relatives. He imagines every outcome from the idyllic to the horrific, but not until DNA testing is available is he able to connect the circumstances of his life to the pages of history. Beyond the greatest of odds, he finds two families diametrically different with no apparent reason to have ever intersected, yet their coexistence becomes emblematic of our nation's pride and shame simultaneously.


This memoir is filled with real historical events and places and fraught with the emotions of discovery and the joy and peace that faith can bring. Click the Get Notified button to receive updates and notification when the book is available. Expected: 2020

Navigating Youth Hockey


Competitive ice hockey in the USA is fraught with decisions for parents and players alike. Whether you're looking for advice on selecting the best team for your seven-year-old, figuring out how to get the best exposure for a burgeoning talent, or wondering what the odds are of going all the way, this book is written by a dad with three sons who have enjoyed hockey for over 15 years. From "house" teams to the NHL Entry Draft, Ron Levi kept notes of the many choices his family faced over the years and put them all together in this eBook for parents and players alike who may be facing some of the same choices for the first time. If you've ever wished someone would make the confusing world of youth hockey a little easier to navigate, this book is your wish come true.  


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