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Are You Ready for the Truth?

Well, dear friends, the moment has finally arrived. I struggled mightily over the years to synthesize my experience and the amazing truths that were revealed to me. I wanted to make them as interesting to you as they are miraculous to me. I started by writing an alternating narrative - one chapter on my adoptive family, one chapter on may biological paternal search, one chapter on my maternal biological search....rinse, and repeat. But family members as well as unrelated objective editors found that approach confusing. I thought it was so cool! So, I reset the clock, reorganized all of the chapters and went back to examine flow and interconnections between the elements. Wow, this book-writing stuff is not easy! But in the end, I am very proud of the story I am telling. I believe it dignifies a past that was lived with indignity. I believe and I hope you will agree that it celebrates qualities and accomplishments that make us all who were are, yet are somehow rarely spoken of. Whatever happened before we arrived on the scene, we're here now and we'd better figure this mess out if we are to survive and thrive together. It took many people of faith, compassion, intelligence and dedication decades to make my story even possible. Not one of them can take credit for the mercy and grace that is pure providence. There is no luck in my story. Read it, discuss it, share it, argue it...and you will be left stranded if you do not hear or see the hand of God in it. Am I trying to convert non-believers? No. Am I extending a hand to those who are kicking, paddling, searching? Yes! Grab on, take a chance, and see where the tide takes us. We are so much more together than we are apart. God is real, and my current circumstance - this book - is proof positive. See the release details, and share with everyone you know - on every platform...this is going to bless many people over time.

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