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Can Your Journey Help Someone Else?

Share Your Story

Have you solved a DNA mystery of your own? Do you have a story of triumph or tragedy that you can share with others who may be following in your footsteps? Have you written or are you writing a book about your experience? My weekly Zoom Live on Facebook is beginning ro build an audience interested in these and related topics.

Sometimes we go through trying circumstances so that we may learn a lesson for our own personal growth and benefit. Many times, however, the greater benefit may be for those we never even meet. By bravely sharing our challenges honestly, others need not suffer in silence. They can gain strength, encouragement and peace through your words, your pain, and your victory.

If you’d like to share your story or experience to help others, please send a message on my contact page. The Zoom Live is every Saturday at 4pm central, and I'd be honored to have you on as my guest. If you haven't seen any episodes, please take a look at my YouTube channel and Facebook Page. You'll see it's very casual, mostly fun, but we try not to shy away from the tough topics, either. This is not a solicitation or promotion. No fees are involved - strictly voluntary on all sides.

Strange Fruit

Yesterday's SIZL with Norma Johnson was a treat from start to finish! Although I solved the audio delay problem form last week's episode, a different technical problem caused our Facebook Live stream to begin almost 30 minute after we had been speaking. The good news is that the entire session was recorded, and has been archived on YouTube. Here's a link - next week, I'm hoping all of the bugs will have been completely worked out. Thanks for sticking with me through the growing pains. Please share within your networks!

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