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Updated: Oct 18

I have rounded third base, and I am heading to home plate, my friends. Spitting Image is a reality. I am advised by published authors (personal friends and acquaintances) that first-timers need to self-publish and spearhead the first round of their work before major publishers will bite. Ok, here's a taste. This story touches and relates to every American. It hits a special mark for adoptees and a group of people known as "foundlings": it is the quintessential commentary on America's notion of the melting pot.


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My book, Spitting Image, is dedicated to motherhood, but the HBO Series The Mandolorian has me hooked from the fatherhood angle. The women in my life have been my anchor, salvation, my sustenance, str

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There are 15 days remaining in my Goodreads Giveaway. I'm giving away 5 copies of my new book, Spitting Image: A Foundling's Memoir of Faith and Gratitude. You must be a member of Goodreads to partici


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