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So Many Thanks, So Few Eons

Upon receiving the results of of my 4th DNA test, the amazing and completely unpredictable revelations rolled in like a tsunami on the heels of a deep-sea earthquake. With each new discovery I said sometimes under my breath and sometimes aloud, "No one is going to believe this." "This is so much stranger than fiction, it deserves to be memorialized in a book." The desire to capture it all was born 5 years ago in 2015, but the desire to find my truth began much earlier - even before I learned in 1974 that I was adopted. I hope you will enjoy my finally-finished work, Spitting Image, which is released in eBook, paperback and hardcover versions on Monday, November 2, 2020. If you do enjoy it, if you are inspired, encouraged, uplifted, or in any way heartened by it, there are a few people I'd like you to help me thank.

Frances Lillian Stephens - my dearest, most faithful, patient, kind, fiercely protective, "family-first" cousin: none of this would have been worthwhile, interesting, or even possible without your love for your family, without your tireless dedication to truth, history, legacy, and faith. God has blessed you and will continue to do so. You are an incomparable blessing to all who know you.

Linny Yint - my search Angel. You saw through the dust and fog of centuries clearly from the very start. You focused on the facts, undeterred by shiny titillations, and so gently guided me to an acceptance and understanding I never imagined possible.

Michael, Annie, Bianca, Doug, Pam, Marcia, Brittany, Lisa, Susan, and so many more cousins who tested your DNA or met with me to discuss our results. For accepting me when you didn't' have to, and for being people I am proud to call my own.

There is not enough time in history or future to convey the breadth of my gratitude or depth of my sincerity. Even those cousins who preferred not to have any contact confirmed everything we learned when they sent in their samples.

Last but not nearly least, I must thank my wife Frances and my sons Laurence, Austin, and Zachary. You have been beyond patient as I exorcised this story from my being. It may have been peripheral to you, but it was central to me - something I had to get out and to share. I hope you are proud of the end result and know how dear you are and will always be to me.

Rather than putting a link directly to the book on Amazon here, I hope you don't mind helping me by searching key words and scrolling through the results to find my books (self help, adoption, African American, biracial...). The eBook and paperback are available to order on Amazon now. The hardcover and paperback will be available everywhere else next week. If you don't see it on the shelves at your local independent bookstore, ask them to order it for you.

Finally, I have a special request of all who read my book. If you like it, if there is anything in it that strikes a chord, makes you feel good, or gives you hope or encouragement, please take a few minutes to write a review on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble or wherever you can. And share a link with your friends. I'm hoping this book speaks to different people on different levels, and I hope one of those levels is yours. May God bless and keep you always. Thank you.

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